Established in 2002, the mission of the Alliance Aquatics Club is to train High School athletes, youth, and adults in the sport of water polo and swimming.  Our goal is to train athletes both physically and mentally and to develop their appreciation for teamwork and desire for achievement through consistant effort and skill development.  We ask that our students come to practice with a smile on their face the desire to put forth their best effort.  Alliance Aquatics is a year round water polo club and swimming from 6-18 years of age.  We teach basic skills to prepare them for high school competition.  We workout Monday-Thursday at Capistrano Valley High School with a Olympic size pool.  Games and tournaments are held on the weekends for all levels to get the players involved in the real game experience.

How long is a typical session? - Registration is on a month by month basis so there is not a long term financial committment like other clubs.  They are usually are on a quaterly base (3 months fee up front).

How do I sign up? - Just go to the Register section at the top and follow the directions. 

How do I sign up for events? - As soon as you are registered, you will have your own username and password to get into your account.  You will just go to events in your account and click on the event you are signing up for. 

How do I order Team Gear? - As soon as you are registered, you will have your own username and password to get into your account.  You will just go to Shop in your account and order what you would like to purchase.

What Team Gear is required? - We ask that everyone as a Team Suit and t-shirt.  Alll other items are optional.

What age group is my athlete in if they just had a birthday? - Age Groups are 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U and 18U for both girls and boys.  Whatever age an athlete is on August 1st, that is the group they will train with.  For example, if a 14 year old athlete turns 15 in May, he or she will be training as 16U.  If they turn 15 on August 2nd, he and she will be training as a 14U.

Should I register with USA Water Polo? - Yes, all members of Alliance Aquatics must be registered with USA Water Polo.

How do I register with USA Water Polo? - Go to www.usawaterpolo.com and follow the online registration instructions.  Register your athlete with Capistrano Valley Aquatics Club-Alliance, Club Number is 1854.  We strongly recommend that you register your child as a GOLD member, so you are eligible to play in all tournaments, but Silver would be fine.  Make sure to go through the Age Verification process to verify the athlete's age.

How often do I need to register with USA Water Polo? - USAWP membership is done on an annual basis, with all memberships expiring on December 31 each year. You will need to renew yearly by January 1 to remain current. They typically start their membership drive on Nov 1 by offering the current year's rate to renew early. It is generally a savings of $5 or so to renew before Jan 1. We recommend that you renew early. It's always nice to save a couple of bucks, and it keeps us from barraging you with reminder emails. :-) 

Do you offer sibling discounts? - Yes, $20.00 per sibling per month.

Do you offer other discounts? - Yes, if you get a new athlete to sign up for water polo or swim workouts, and a full month dues are paid, you can get discount of $50.00 from your monthly dues.  No limit on how many.  Here is a flyer you can hand out as they can also come for a week for FREE to try us out.  Click Here 

What if my son/daughter has never played Water Polo? - Please contact our Head Coach Byron Reidenbaugh at coachbyron@AllianceAquaticsWPC.org and he can evaluate what would work best for your athlete. 

Does Alliance Aquatics have a swim team? - At this time we do not have a swim team but we do have swim lessions/workouts for those who would like to become stronger swimmers.

Whom shall I contact if I have a administrative questions? - Please contact our Head Coach, Byron Reidenbaugh at CoachByron@AllianceAquaticsWPC.org.

Miki Matsushima is also an absolute treasure trove of information for water polo parents. She can be reached at info@AllianceAquaticsWPC.org

If I want to make a donation to Alliance Aquatics, whom do I contact? - Please contact our Head Coach Byron Reidenbaugh at coachbyron@AllianceAquaticsWPC.org

Whom do I contact if I going to miss workout? - Please contact your athlete's coach directly.

Do we need to come to workouts everyday that its offered? - All levels are different, but we understand that as a student athlete each player has a veriety of activites that may conflict with training times.  Depending on the goals of your child and level at which they will plan to play, they should try to make as many workout days as possible.  Please make sure that your athlete is communicating with their coach on the days that they can not attend.

What do I do if I still have questions?  

For general info, merchandise orders, tournaments, fundraising, and Groupon questions, please contact Miki Matsushima info@AllianceAquaticsWPC.org

For billing issues, such as refund requests or updating credit card info, changing account status, program stop/start, and calendar updates, please contact Melissa Echelberger at admin@AllianceAquaticsWPC.org

For general questions about water polo, schedule your free week or just a visit, please contact Head Coach Byron Reidenbaugh at coachbyron@AllianceAquaticsWPC.org.